This could so easily have been a blog post with the alternate title – “Why we don’t list our web design prices”. After all, the vast majority of Milton Keynes website designers and design agencies don’t. In fact, generally, it’s considered the norm not to. There are some valid reasons behind this;

*E-commerce. A website retailing a hundred different items in several colours and sizes is going to involve a heap more work than a website retailing half a dozen standard items.

*Radical website design ideas with user interactions, slick animations, databases, etc can involve much (much!) more intensive and extensive coding.

*Complex organisation structures, with intranet or those with dozens and dozens of internal pages and downloadable documents will require more time to build, and so will cost more money.

 And so on..

Sometimes it’s just impossible to price a job without first having a full and extensive understanding of the individual requirements involved. These kinds of sometimes complex websites can take a long time to build and will come with high price tickets because of the sheer work, time and technicalities involved in building them.

However, the typical demographic of Milton Keynes businesses and beyond do not require these kinds of websites, so actually, pricing does become easier. The truth is a staggering 99.9% of all UK businesses are small and medium in size (

A small business website will have a different set of requirements and needs of a large international company website.

At SUSSED, we don’t build budget-busting high ticket websites. That’s not our arena. Someone with a 10K, 20K, 30K+ website budget is not our target market….

Statistically, most businesses are the one-man bands, the start-ups, the small businesses, and growing businesses. They want and need something that is affordable, effective, well-designed and nice to look at that will help entice, promote and build custom and that can grow in time along with their business.

And that is where we come in. That is our arena. And we do it without big budgets.


When we were developing our business we really explored who we “were”. What were our values, ideals, core beliefs? and how could we express those to the public? Along with – good design, honesty, affordability – transparency was one of the first statements down on the page.

We figured you can’t get much more transparent then putting your pricing out there before a conversation has even started.

Think about those times you’ve been to a store and have had to ask what the price of everything is?  Did you enjoy it? Nope, us neither.

It’s an uncomfortable experience. It can create feelings of embarrassment (can I afford this?), feelings of suspicion (what do they have to hide?) feelings of frustration (I’m busy – I just need a price. Now), and fears of getting tied up in some pressured sales pitch.

There can also be disingenuine reasons not to advertise pricing; and that includes how much a client can be charged;

  • Leverage – the opportunity to charge the customer a higher fee depending on their perceived ability to afford more.
  • Hidden costs. Before you know it, those “add on’s” that you thought were included in the original estimate, are not and have in fact mounted up to one big nasty surprise.

Our websites cost you the same whether you drive a Ferrari or a Ford. We don’t increase our prices based on a perception we can squeeze more money out of one business to the next. Our prices are our prices. Likewise, as our prices are already fantastically competitive and affordable, we don’t offer discounts or cuts on our fees either.

We create a statement of work for every project we are involved in. This includes exactly what is included in your project.

This clarity gives the client the comfort that there are never going to be any nasty surprises waiting around the corner to dent their wallets. If it is not in there it is not included, and if it’s not included it’s an extra and if It is an extra you’ll, know about it before the project is even agreed.

Standard pricing does not (always) equal standard design.

That you are a Milton Keynes hairdresser needing a 5-page website does not mean we’ll design you a website that looks the same as we’ve designed for a Milton Keynes accountant! We don’t do cookie-cutter! We collaborate with our customers, we delve deep into their businesses and industries, ensuring they end up with a website as unique and individual as they are.

But you get what you pay for

Hmmm. Maybe. But price, quality, and competence are not always mutually, co-existing entities. We’ve all left an expensive restaurant unsatisfied with our meal…We’ve all been underwhelmed with a product purchase that has turned out to be poor value. We’ve all seen a blockbuster movie costing millions and millions of pounds to produce which has subsequently been a huge disappointment and flopped at the box office.

And it’s the same with web design. There are super expensive websites that suck. There are also amazingly simple websites that were not technically difficult or expensive to create but are amazingly effective and successful.

We get asked why our web design prices are so low? What’s the catch?  And the answer is, as of this blog post, we are a fledgling business growing our name. Our prices are set to attract custom and will rise in the future (transparency). However, that said, we will always remain true to one of our core beliefs – good design for everyone, affordability to all.

Phew. So there we have it. Why we list our website design fees. We’re sorry. We could have condensed it down to “We list our web design fee’s because for 99% of our client base we know with some confidence how much it will cost to design them a website they need. The End.” – But then that wouldn’t have helped our SEO too much 😉 (More about that here).

The first step is a conversation, and we’d love to hear from you. We’ll listen to your ideas, hopes and expectations for your new website. We’ll give you feedback and honesty and If we feel we can meet your brief and fulfill all of these within your budget then we’d love you have us on-board.

And contact us with confidence. You have no worries about getting “sold to”.  At SUSSED we’re designers not salesman. We are passionate about our work and for sure we want your custom. But we know our manners and we promise not to harass, hassle or hound you with emails or phone calls following your inquiry. That’s a promise.


Ps; And remember, we don’t just offer website design. We help businesses in many ways – other services include:

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